Author: Alfredo Carrión

Author: Alfredo Carrión


Sanctus Photography of Holy Week in Valladolid, Spain by Alfredo Carrión: Sanctus Apr.2015 |Sanctus. View Sanctus     read more

The Night Over London Rang

The Night Over London Rang Photography of London by Alfredo Carrión: The Night Over London Rang. Dec.2015 | The Night Over London Rang. View The Night Over London Rang     read more

bianco, nero e Venezia

Photography of Venice by Alfredo Carrión: Bianco, nero e Venezia. Oct.2015 | bianco, nero e Venezia. View bianco, nero e Venezia

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Magyar Photography of Budapest by Alfredo Carrión: Magyar Dec.2014 | Magyar. View Magyar     read more


Bunna Photography  of Coffee by Alfredo Carrión: Bunna Apr.2011 | Bunna. View Bunna     read more

Shanghai work selected by Maria Mann

Shanghai work selected by Maria Mann In July 2012 CPN invited CPS members to submit their favourite images to special guest editor Maria Mann (Director of International Relations & Business Development for the European Pressphoto Agency, aka EPA). Maria’s illustrious 25-year plus career in the international photo industry, including senior roles at Corbis and AFP, [...] read more

Rome, la città

Rome, la città Photography of Rome by Alfredo Carrión: Rome, la Città Oct.2015 | Rome, la città. View Rome, la città     read more